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Legal Compliance

Day Dreamers Chocolate works diligently to comply with California medical cannabis law pursuant to H&S11362 (Proposition 215) and SB420, as well as other applicable state and local regulations.

California law requires that all Day Dreamers Chocolate patients be members of the Day Dreamers Chocolate Collective, provide their California photo ID and a valid doctor recommendation for medical cannabis. Patients are also required to acknowledge that any products they obtain from Day Dreamers Chocolate are for personal use only and may not be resold or given to others. Furthermore, patients may only obtain quantities that are reasonable for their personal use and their condition. Day Dreamers Chocolate California products will not be sent or distributed in any way to any other state than California, or given to a resident of any state other than California, even though they may have a valid doctor recommendation for medical cannabis in their state.

In addition, Day Dreamers Chocolate complies fully with California state and local business licensing requirements and state and federal tax rules. Day Dreamers Chocolate has obtained all required business authorizations, and Day Dreamers Chocolate pays all of its state and federal taxes. Day Dreamers Chocolate seeks to always act openly and honestly in California. To that end, Day Dreamers Chocolate has worked extensively with attorneys to create and implement a California state law compliance program. With the help of legal counsel, Day Dreamers Chocolate has been able to devise a system that both fully complies with state law and best serves the needs of California patients.

Regarding the legality of possessing the concentrates that Day Dreamers Chocolate uses in its products, on February 3, 2012, in the case of The People v. Colvin, the Court of Appeal of the State of California affirmed that possession and transportation of extracted or concentrated cannabis (“separated resin, whether crude or purified, obtained from marijuana”) by a valid medical cannabis patient is legal under state law.