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Daydream Believer
Top 11 Cannabis Edibles from the 2013 Seattle Cup

Daydream Believer

In the famously pot-friendly surfer town known as Santa Cruz, California, a visionary young pot grower named Andy Genovese runs Day Dreamers Chocolate, a company whose innovative, eco-friendly, sun-grown approach to creating all-natural cannabis-infused chocolates earned HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cups for top edibles twice in 2013 — first in San Francisco and then again in Seattle.

As the child of hippie parents who valued ecological consciousness, Andy says he’s dismayed to see buyers at dispensaries turning up their noses at outdoor organic crops in favor of energy-intensive, chemically-laden indoor buds.

“Growing pot outdoors was the only way to do it as far as my parents were concerned,” he says, explaining his move from grower to cannabis chocolatier. “So I wanted to keep the outdoor scene alive, but I realized that to succeed, I had to turn my harvest into another product, since there isn’t that much demand for outdoor flower.”

At which point a chance meeting brought Andy a silent partner, a brilliant professor who’d developed a technique for making solventless extracts of cannabinoids without synthetic additives. Using all-natural, sun-grown cannabis and a proprietary process, the partners now “squeeze” fresh flowers to create “a highly concentrated oil, with upwards of 70% to 80% THC.” The Day Dreamers Chocolate team extracts about 60 grams of oil from one pound of flower in this manner, yielding a potent end product, with a highly pleasant taste.

In addition to the culinary quality of their chocolates, the team at Day Dreamers Chocolate also focuses on providing a truly medicinal product. A mission reflected in their first-place winner, the High CBD Bar, which boasts a one-to-one ratio of THC to CBD for a balanced healing effect. Ingesting CBDcounteracts the panicky, anxious feelings people sometimes experience from eating too much THC, while ingesting an equal amount of each results in an edible experience that’s total bliss.

“We started establishing genetics about two years ago from the ground up, so we could come out with a CBD product,” Andy explains.

Day Dreamers Chocolate now offers five different chocolate blends in all.

“If someone wants an uplifting, psychoactive experience, there’s the Sativa bar, and for a heavier, more sedative effect, there’s an Indica bar,” Andy says, “We also created a Hybrid bar and a 360 milligram high-dose bar,” intended to replace pharmaceutical painkillers for patients with high tolerances to THC.

And based on patient feedback, they’ll soon offer a new sugar-free bar that’s very high in CBD and low in THC, designed specifically for cannabis-naïve patients suffering from cancer, IBS and diabetes.

To ensure their products are consistently dosed, Day Dreamers Chocolate pairs its organic, earth-friendly cultivation philosophy with cutting-edge science, including sterile, tamper-proof packaging with individual doses of chocolates encased in a blister pack and professional labeling with clear dosage information, including lab-test results for cannabinoid levels in milligrams.

Distribution currently remains limited to about 50 dispensaries in Central California, including San Jose Patient’s Group, which entered the Day Dreamers Chocolate bar into the High Times Cannabis Cup competitions. Since winning two first place Cups, demand has grown steadily.

“The guys at San Jose Patient Group made this happen for us,” Andy says, describing how he felt after winning the marijuana world’s most prestigious honor. “I’m still hands-on producing the medicine. I grew the product for the bar that won the Cup. From making my alpaca compost to planting the seeds and growing the plants to assisting the oil guy and squeezing it… it took years of effort, including breeding those strains, so winning was very special to me.”

In the near future, Andy looks forward to scaling up his growing, so qualified patients all over the Golden State can access his chocolate. “People here have a lot of ambition and desire for whatever it is they enjoy and believe in…” he says, “And I strongly believe in cannabis and have a passion for it.”


Top 11 Cannabis Edibles from the 2013 Seattle Cup

Crank it to eleven with these delicious cannabis-infused treats, all recently entered in the Seattle US Cannabis Cup and reviewed by Elise McDonough, author of The Official High Times Cannabis Cookbook.

People in Seattle appreciate the fine flavors of coffee, micro-brewed beers and local food, and these values translate perfectly into their cannabis-infused edibles. Connoisseurship goes hand-in-hand with pride in local ingredients and craftsmanship, and Seattle chefs produced a wide variety of tasty, inventive, potent treats that impressed the HIGH TIMES’ judges.

Edible makers in the Seattle are required to include lab-tested potency information on packages so consumers know how many milligrams of THC they are getting. A recommended dose for the average person is be 20 milligrams; if you’re a first-time edibles consumer, it’s wise to start with a low dose and work your way up. Be sure to wait at least two hours for the THC to work through your digestive system before eating any more cannabis-infused foods.

While some of the winners were from out-of-town, (since this was a legal US Cannabis Cup open to all competitors 21 years of age and up) the overall field of entries demonstrated the talents of the local entrepreneurs, and we would like to highlight some of the best entries so everyone knows where to go for delicious edibles in the Pacific Northwest.
First Place:
Day Dreamers Chocolate High CBD Medicinal Chocolate Bar from SJ Patient’s Group

Fresh off a second-place win at the San Francisco Medical Cannabis Cup this past June, the Day Dreamers Chocolate returned to dominate the competition with a very medicinal, professional product that tastes great and has very effective labeling. “Improving Your Everyday” is the slogan of this start-up edibles maker out of Santa Cruz, California, whose innovation has been enclosing each segment of chocolate in a blister pack, so freshness is preserved and dosage is precise.

There’s 30 mg of cannabinoids in each segment, with 15 mg of THC and 15 mg of CBD, totaling 180 mg in the whole pack. Using a one-to-one ratio of THC to CBD is supposed to confer a balanced synergy of healing benefits, and this is the first time I’ve seen equal amount of THC and CBD in an edibles product. Judges appreciated the nutrition facts, plus the accurate lab-tested info and appropriate labeling. The chocolate is very tasty and high quality but be warned — there’s a definite cannabis aftertaste.